Palazzo We is not any ordinary painting company that adds on just a simple coat of texture paint to your bare wall in a glimpse. We first assess it with proper substrate treatment before any application is done. Layers of texture are only added on after appropriate steps are taken care of. Combination of techniques are used only by our experienced artists, overall effects are studied before any necessary adjustments are made. We take pride in all our works, as we believe that art has to be completed with a team of passionate people that look at special effects painting as not just a dull routine work, but a delivery of an art piece to an eagerly waiting client, to satisfy them with return of an appreciation for the transformation they finally found.

Over the years, addition of art techniques are constantly in exploration. Keeping up with the current trend and expectation have never been overlooked. Even the combination of colors used are all being observed. Better materials are always in our search list, seeking only the durable, high quality products for a lasting result. From classical style, forward changing to contemporary look. The interior design and architecture industry have been in period of transition, all for the sake of a future proof design. Special effects painting or some may call it texture painting plays a vital role, in blending in to the design by the interior designer and architects, complementing our art works with their specification. Let your imagination run loose, and you will soon find the right destination. Art is a beautiful thing ...........

Special  Effects  Decorative Texture Painting is a unique and sophisticated way to embellish the usual solid colour surfaces.  All effects range from subtle to bold and one can never underestimate their power. With the right selection of special effects painting, it can make a room by underscoring its assets and camouflaging its drawbacks. The great versatility of wall painting effects offers infinite varieties highlighting the passion for art and the artistic personality one possesses.

As science and technology play an increasing role in our current lives, people are more eager to find inspirational ideas by adopting unique interior decoration according to their instinctive feeling, so that the individuality can be expressed more clearly. Special Effects Decorative Painting thus takes place, turning any place to have an art inspired feeling for a restful mind.

Styles and  techniques of the past are incorporated into the trends and materials of the present, while developing the decorative art heritage of the future - 

That's the beauty of Decorative Painting.......

Special Effects Texture Painting in Malaysia

Le Meridien Hotel, KL

C O N C R E T E   effect

P r i v a t e   R e s i d e n c e

Jointless Texture Painting  -  Customization / Bespoke Painting

So is music.........


Fresco Painting

  1. b r o n z e   EFFECT


P r i v a t e   R e s i d e n c e

  • 3:15




C O N C R E T E   effect

 G R A D I E N T effect

P  A  T  I  N  A   FINISH

faux BRICK 

Texture painting has been growing its presence widely in this decade of transformation from classical to contemporary. Decoration on wall, ceiling, pillars and etc. are no longer just limited to the readily bought mass products with countless joints, which are often labeled with commonness once they are repeatedly used in many venues. This has therefore lead to Texture Painting.... with a touch of art

Special Effects Decorative Painting 



W E A T H E R E D   W A L L

SDB - 19 Trees, Melawati

W E A T H E R E D   C E I L I N G

The Art of Decorative Effects Painting